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Note: Specific location checklists vary in their degree of comprehensiveness and not all locations are currently represented. While certain locations boast checklists of 500+ species, others only contain a handful of records. In either case, no checklist should be regarded as a complete account of the local fauna and should instead be viewed as a work in progress. For this reason, we encourage you to help fill in the gaps in regional checklists by submitting sightings, which can be done on this website one of two ways. For accounts of species already represented on this site, you may visit the individual guide pages to submit a sighting (registered users may speed up this process by adding preset locations to their profile, but registration is not neccisary to submit a sighting this way). For species not yet represented on this website, registered users may choose to upload a photo which may be incorperated into the guide itself. Alternatively, if you posess a large list of records from any particular location and you don't wish to spend the time submitting each record individually, you may instead choose to email me or post the data in the forums and I can adapt the data into the database. Together, we can help to create better local checklists of the diverse animal fauna in our area and I offer my sincere thanks to any person that volunteers their time and data in this manner.
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