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Any Terrestrial Aquatic (including semiaquatic spp.)
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Status in California
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Ecoregion (refer to diagram - click to enlarge)
[1] Coastal Sage, Chaparral, & Oak Woodlands (includes Channel Islands)
[2] Mojave Basin and Range
[3] Sonoran Desert (includes the Salton Sea and Colorado Desert)
[4] Central Valley
[5] Southern California Pine-Oak Mountains
[6] Sierra Nevada
[7] Southern California Bight (marine)
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Note that the following vertebrates are excluded from this list: (1) vertebrates believed to be extirpated from California based on a lack of recent sightings; (2) Feral versions of mammals commonly domesticated as either livestock or pets, such as cats, dogs, horses, and pigs; (3) Introduced mammals known only from Hearst Ranch, such as zebra (4) Birds which have been recorded from Southern California 2 or fewer times in the past decade.

In total, over 1400 species are represented here and should hopefully serve as a fairly comprehensive database of the regional fauna. is built and maintained by Chris Mallory. All contributed content on this site is copyrighted by its respective owner, all rights reserved. All species IDs on this site should be treated as tentative and are presented here to help Southern California naturalists better understand the world around them, not to serve as a definitive authority of information. If you find any information presented here to be in error, or if you wish to send feedback positive or negative do not hesitate to email me. This site runs best on either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
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