Spotted Kelpfish - Gibbonsia elegans |

Tentative ID. Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
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Spotted Kelpfish (Gibbonsia elegans)

Chordata > Pisces > Actinopterygii > Perciformes > Clinidae

Demersal to 50m in rocky subtidal areas, especially around seaweed. Body slender and elongate, variably colored from green to brown to reddish, often with darker vertical blotches as well as a dark spot near the pectoral fin and another on the posterior end of the body. Dorsal fin with more spines than soft rays; pectoral fins short, not extending beyond origin of anal fin; Snout pointed, with short mouth not extending beyond eye. Caudal fin rounded. Dorsal soft rays not equally spaced, and with scales present on caudal fin. May be difficult to distinguish from other California Kelpfish. Length to 6 inches. Baja to Central CA (3) Common; the 16th most common fish species recorded from Cabrillo Beach (4) Marine.

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