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Dusky Lady Beetles (Scymnus [30 spp.])

Arthropoda > Insecta > Coleoptera > Polyphaga > Cucujoidea > Coccinellidae

A large genus of small (~3mm) pubescent lady beetles, very few of which can be identified from photos alone. Several species in our area are distinct, such as S. pacificus, a black species which has a distinct red spot in the median area of each elytron, as well as S. nebulosus, a pale species with irregular dark markings on the elytra. S. loewii, the most commonly collected member of the genus in California, is also distinct, with reddish-brown elytra intersected by a dark large triangular area beginning at anterior margins of the elytra and extending to the apex. S. falli, a Channel Islands species, is somewhat similar with dark anterior and pale apical areas of the elytra. Other than these species, all other species tend to be very similar in form and identification beyond genus may be difficult. Most of these species have black to dark brown immaculate elytra, and pale coloration (if any) is only present on the apical margin; the pronotum may be black or brown, often paler on the margins. These species include: S. ardelio, S. aridus, S. apithanus, S. calaveras, S. caurinus, S. cervicalis, S. elusivus, S. erythronotum, S. fenderi, S. gilae, S. hesperius, S. impletus, S. horni, S. humboldti, S. jacobianus, S. luctuosus, S. marginicollis, S. mendocino, S. solidus, S. tahoensis, S. tenebricus, S. weidti, and S. wickhami. In addition to these, several species in our area have pale brown as opposed to black elytra; those species include: S. cockerelli, S. coniferarum, S. dificilis, S. mimoides, and S. pallens.

1. California Beetle Project at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
2. Robert D. Gordon. 1985. The Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) of America North of Mexico

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